Best Shrimp & Grits of My Life – in Jackson Mississippi

Restaurant Name – Elvie’s Type of Food – Elevated Spin On New Orleans Style Cuisine Chef – Hunter Evans Thank God the waitress highly suggested I order the “Shrimp & Grits” after I told her I was a shrimp and grits snob and have had them in all the best regions. (Best region before thisContinue reading “Best Shrimp & Grits of My Life – in Jackson Mississippi”

I Love Tacos – Springfield Missouri

What a name! I love tacos too, and when I kept seeing my foodie friends posting on social media about a new taco shack in town, I had to see for myself. This particular food shack is close to the Springfield airport so remember when flying in or out, stop by for a treat! ButContinue reading “I Love Tacos – Springfield Missouri”