Experience Food

Journey along with us as we dive into food. Eating at the best tasting restaurants in the World, and sharing recipes along the way.

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Welcome to The Chefs View

Hosted by Chef Paul Allen “Pauly” a graduate from the Culinary Institute of America. Former Yacht Chef, World Traveler and Global Food Connoisseur.

Not only does Chef Pauly love to eat, he loves to cook even more. As chef would travel from island to island and land to land he learned that local is far more superior. Share in his recipes, food adventures and the where to eat on this planet.

Stay Updated on the latest

Find out our latest food tips, restaurants to visit and stops in between.

Who Are We?

We Review Good Food

We write about great spots to eat. If it isn’t good, we simply don’t write about it.

We Critique

If the dish can be better, we stylishly gives constructive criticism to the chef so they can fix the dish.

We Take It Easy

Who doesn’t like spas??? We reveal the best place to max and relax on vacation. Prices, who to ask for and all the secrets.

Be Famous

Do you have what it takes? We only review delicious eateries that we want to spread the word about. For a limited time we are coming to your establishment for FREE. We film on location. Now taking reservations.

Cell 954.632.4435

How It Works

We come to you, we do an interview with owner, chef or both. Then you present your top entrees to 2 team member. We film and take photos of these items and recommend our favorites. We film your kitchen, dinning area and outside of building.

If you really want to stand out we can book a professional videographer and or pro editor to film for a small fee.

If you are out of town we will come and you only pay for travel expenses.

Private Chef

We travel the world for Elite Catering, Private Chef, Estate Management, or High End Events.


The Chefs view

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