I Love Tacos – Springfield Missouri

What a name! I love tacos too, and when I kept seeing my foodie friends posting on social media about a new taco shack in town, I had to see for myself. This particular food shack is close to the Springfield airport so remember when flying in or out, stop by for a treat! ButContinue reading “I Love Tacos – Springfield Missouri”

A Miami Venezuelan Restaurant “Rick James” Would Be Proud To Eat At ;)

Holy Smokes Batman!!!!!! This little Venezuelan eatery/coffee shop/authentic spot is fantastic!!!!! Seriously A1 (no pun intended) including fantastic service. As you walk in you might think this is just a coffee shop, but you are wrong, it is so much more. Yes there is an amazing case of freshly baked goodies (my fave is theContinue reading “A Miami Venezuelan Restaurant “Rick James” Would Be Proud To Eat At ;)”

best things in life are FREE

I claim that today is eat all the carbs you want day!!!! This should be a national holiday 😉 It is so nice to know the owner of your favorite restaurant. I was craving the bread service at Nonna’s Italian Cafe downtown Springfield, Missouri so I called the Owner/Chef Shawn Kraft and asked if heContinue reading “best things in life are FREE”