Best Shrimp & Grits of My Life – in Jackson Mississippi

Restaurant Name – Elvie’s

Type of Food – Elevated Spin On New Orleans Style Cuisine

Chef – Hunter Evans

Thank God the waitress highly suggested I order the “Shrimp & Grits” after I told her I was a shrimp and grits snob and have had them in all the best regions. (Best region before this was at Ray’s in Atlanta Georgia)

Shrimp & Grits $18

The Wild Caught Gulf Shrimp were cooked absolutely flawlessly!!!!! I am talking about spot on execution!!!!! So tender, the shrimp would melt in your mouth. Now you may think I am making a big deal about this flawlessly cooked shrimp, but it seriously was. It was cooked so perfectly that if it was cooked any less it would be raw and if it was cooked anymore it would start to be rubbery. Thank you so much Chef for actually giving a shit about what you do, and taking the time to be perfect.

Open Kitchen at Elvie’s

Now onto the sauce, typically I can Figure out exactly what is in a Sauce just buy one bite. This sauce has me mesmerized, there is some kind of acidity in the sauce and it just brings out the perfect butter sensation without being too rich. You will not be expecting this flavor, but it goes so so so perfectly with the dish. A deep brown sauce that is rich and delicious yet acidic and crisp at the same time. There is a slight essence of bbq flavor profile that starts to build but then is tapered off by buttery acidic notes that leaves you with the perfect umami experience.

I love the perfectly cooked egg on top to brunch this dish out

Chef Hunter Evans takes modern techniques and strong ambition, and pairs that with old time flavor memories from the Deep South of New Orleans culture. It stints from his recollections of his Grandmother’s Elvaretta May Good’s cooking. I think you myself, if only I could have Mrs. Goods Cooking, woowee I bet it was good!

Elvaretta May Good – Chef’s Mother

Now onto the team, the other chefs in this kitchen work in unison together. It is a perfect harmony in the workspace, and everybody is either focused, smiling or doing both. It was one of those cool Kitchen’s were you really could not tell who the head chef was,

Team Work Makes The Dream Work

It seemed like they were their own head chef’s of each department. I love a kitchen like that, a head chef that empowers his/her team.

Front Entrance Elvie’s – Jackson Mississippi

I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone passing through Jackson, Mississipi.


809 Manship St, Jackson, MS 392020

Map of elvie's

Hours of Operation:

Friday 8AM–2PM & 4–9PM

Saturday 9AM–2PM & 4-9PM

Sunday Closed

Monday Closed

Tuesday8AM–2PM & 4–9PM

Wednesday 8AM–2PM & 4–9PM

Thursday 8AM–2PM & 4–9PM

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