A Miami Venezuelan Restaurant “Rick James” Would Be Proud To Eat At ;)

Nutella Croissant – You Need This In Your Mouth!!!

Holy Smokes Batman!!!!!! This little Venezuelan eatery/coffee shop/authentic spot is fantastic!!!!! Seriously A1 (no pun intended) including fantastic service. As you walk in you might think this is just a coffee shop, but you are wrong, it is so much more. Yes there is an amazing case of freshly baked goodies (my fave is the Nutella Induced Croissant) and I can’t wait to try them all.

The Delicious Case of Yumminess!

The menu is well diversified, which at first through me off, and I wondered if they specialized in anything at all. Well, they do! The authentic Venezuelan food is off the chain!!!!

Open For Business

All the patrons seemed to be smiling and enjoying what ever they ordered, I would personally order anything off that menu with full confidence in the chef.

Appetizer Sampler for $21 – Little Venezuelan samples. (2 of each)
Tequeños, Mandocas, Mini-Cachapas, Shredded Beef or Chicken Patacones, crunchy Chicharrones (Pork Rinds) and your choice of Mini-Empanadas or Mini-Arepitas.

This dish the “De Mano” Cheese Cachapa (con Queso de Mano)
$9.99 was on the appetizer sampler I ordered and it was so interestingly good! Not super sweet, but fun bursts of corn that injected a flavor bomb of authentic homeland in your mouth. Yes!!!!! Seriously, everything was so over the top good!!!!

Like Christmas, a Pretzel, and Corn Pancakes Had a Baby

Now let’s get into the pretzel looking things called Mandocas. Imagine if Christmas, a pretzel and corn pancakes had a beautiful little baby, that is what these are. So interesting, that it is one of those things you just have to experienced for yourself 🙂

So weirdly good!! Photo Cred to owner of website

Had a nice Venezuelan beer that paired perfectly, and it was just a fun spot to be. Here is the real deal, for being in Miami, this place was super affordable! A real winner all the way around.

Venezuelan Beer – Polar

One more thing, the name!!!!! I really loved this part……”7ty One”. Ok, so the “7” represents “Divine Perfection, Abundance, Prosperity & Luck, that would get me to eat there alone!! Now I am blessed with all those things simply by going there 😉 “One” symbolizes “Unity” because that’s what we are…….. (I love this) (we need more of this all over the world) (love)

Unity!!!!!! Rick James would be proud 😉

Here is the website to look at the yummy selections https://www.7tyonemiami.com/

Make This Your Happy Place!
Author Paul Allen – Foodie – Christian – Husband – Daddy “But Not In That Order”

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A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Private Yacht Chef for over 10 years and lover of local ingredients.

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