Who Is The Chefs View?

Who is The Chefs View??? I spend all of this time posting about my favorite restaurants but I realized I have never properly introduced myself. Hello, my name is Paul David Allen and I was born in the country of Texas. (Lol, when you are born in Texas and your parents were born in Texas, they brainwash you into thinking there are no other states in the USA, lol. Joke Joke Joke, calm down)

Chef Paul Allen – Private Jet Hangar Miami Dolphins

I have loved food since I was 5 years old and that is when I started cooking. I remember (Somehow, even though I can’t remember yesterday, lol) my mom coming home and I was using the oven (remember I was 5) to make stuffed meatballs. I still even remember what I put in them, it was shredded cheese, sour cream, and chopped-up green onions with salt and pepper. My mom agreed they were delicious but asked if I could wait to use the oven until she got home.

Chef Paul Allen – Private Yacht Chef – AKA The Chefs View

Fast forward to the age of 20 when I started my first day at The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park New York. I would go to New York City, N.Y. on the train every single chance I could. I still remember how I would lie on the park benches in front of the World Trade Towers and watch them sway in the wind. They were so tall it would make your palms sweat, what a site!

I graduated in 2002 and quickly found myself in the world of private yachting as a yacht chef. I traveled all over the globe ranging from France, Spain, Italy, Israel, Dominican Republic, Porto Rico, Bahamas, St Maarten, St. Tropez, St. Barts, US Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands, Turks & Caicos, Anguilla, Saint Kitts & Nevis, Holland, Germany, & Austria.

My home for 3 years

I absolutely loved yachting and dove in head first. During that time I was one of the first chefs Below Deck asked to be on the show. I made it through 3 stages of interviews but didn’t make it to the final round. Living on yachts for over a decade I became very used to travel and loved shopping at the local farms and markets on the islands I would end up on. This brought a newfound style of cooking to me and I couldn’t wait to explore a new place.

My view from the Galley

I can tell you about some of the treasures I found eating my way around the globe. There are mushrooms in Italy that grow on a mountain near Naples that truly look like super mario brothers they are called Porcini Mushrooms and are absolutely divine. Never in America are you going to find fresh porcini mushrooms, just not happening unless you’re bringing them on your private jet back with you. (If that’s the case, please bring me some too)

Grilled Then Chilled Argentina Shrimp Cocktail – My Way – Made with Royal Red Shrimp, Wasabi Cocktail, Spicy Dijon & Pickled Ginger

Speaking of Naples, have you ever had the little neck clams off the coast of this wonderful town? They have these two little tentacles that come up and they are seriously the best little clams I have ever had. There is just something about them, that is so sweet and delectable. You just can’t get this clam anywhere else in the world, so cool. I feel so special that I got to try all of these flavors.

A crudo made by Chef Paul Allen

Which makes me feel like I have a story to tell, I want to try the foods that are good and let you know about them. Very rarely do I write about a negative experience. (You have to really get me fired up or do something really really wrong) I love to write about my favorite experiences mainly so I can read through them later in life and remember where the hell to eat.

Chef Paul Allen in his zone – Cooking

I will let you know occasionally I will cuss or say something inappropriate. That is the sailor in me and sometimes I want to get my point across and a cuss word helps paint the picture for you.

With that said, let’s have some fun. I have a house in the Bentonville Arkansas area as well as Springfield Missouri area so I eat my way in between the two places occasionally stopping in Joplin.

My beautiful family in front of a clients property – University of Health and Performance – Maysville Arkansas

I love to ride my Mountain Bike, DJing, Snow Skiing, Traveling, Eating, Family, and Finding My Spirituality.

I love DJing for fun!

My goal is to get picked up writing for magazines, newspapers, or foodie organizations and traveling the world with my family, and getting paid to eat. If you would like me to review your restaurant please reach out via messenger.

What a typical view would look like for me on any given day when I was a yacht chef for over 13 years.

PS – If the food sucks and I don’t like it, I won’t write about it. So if you want me to review your restaurant but it’s not good, I will let you know. But with that said, I will also let you know how to fix it if it’s fixable 🙂

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A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Private Yacht Chef for over 10 years and lover of local ingredients.

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