Taking My Life Back – Day 6 of 30

During this time of self healing, possibly the best thing I have figured out is I simply love to write, but not just like the norm. I love to prepare my mind and ease into the moment. Today I have chosen to write in front of a beautiful pond at Rutledge Wilson Farm Park in Springfield Missouri.

Rutledge Wilson Farm Park – Springfield Missouri

I have to tell you that there have been two sides to this healing process. On one side there has been horrific things happen to me each and every single day. I made notes:

Day 1 – House Basement Flooded – Mold Present – Move Family Out of House

Day 2 – News My Wife Had A Miscarriage

Day 3 – Friend Calls and says I have been exposed to covid

Day 4 – Cops Called on me for parking RV at Doctors Office

Day 5 – offered a tv show series

Day 6 – got offered partnership 75 acres of land

Shopping for Wagyu at Cosco with Foodie Rob

As you can see some pretty traumatic things have happened in the past 4 days but something magical changed on day 5. I started to write the good things that happen instead of the bad things. I will tell you a funny story about one of the bad things, then let’s travel onward to good things.

So on Day 3 I am focused on taking time for friends that matter. I was so inspired to cook for my buddy Rob that we stayed up till around 2am cooking, fellowshipping, being silly and just letting the good times roll. Being so late, I thought it would be a good idea to just go home and get the RV and take it to sleep in the parking lot of my doctors office. My appointment was at 10am and there is hardly a car in site when I typically go there.

Thai Inspired Sea Bass – Midnight Birthday Dinner for my Great Friend Robert Burzynski

At 9am I hear the loudest knock on my RV ever, I ponder to myself, why would Dr Joe knock so loud? Then the knock happens again and shakes the RV from left to right. Wow, this person is excited to see me I think! Now in a rush, I scramble and throw on the closest bathrobe I can find. Of course it is my wife’s bathrobe that is the closest. Now keep in mind my wife is 4 foot 10 inches on a tall day and her robe fits her perfectly.

My Gorgeous Wife Ashley Allen & Her Boyfriend

Once again, the knock begins but this time it is a Fred Flintstone closed hand beating upon the outside wall of my mobile house. I open the door to my RV with the sun shining upon my face ever so brightly to find a uniformed officer of the law. “Could you please tell me what your doing sir,” the cop says aggressively. I explain to him I am waiting to see my doctor. Meanwhile I look around me and every single parking spot is full and I am completely surrounded. Keep in mind my generator is running obtrusively loud, I have been up till after 3am, and I’m in standing in the shortest bathrobe known to existence in front of a cop, and he is standing 3 feet below me looking up. (Hope he enjoyed the view, hee hee)

Just as God has placed me in the moment of truth, he sends an Angel of hope to my rescue! My doctor walks out to take the trash and he spots me. “Hey Pauly, how was your vacation,” Dr Joe asks? At that moment the cop realizes my story matches up. By the end of my conversation with the upstanding officer of the law, we talk about RV life and how he was pondering getting one. I hope that our encounter helps him make that decision and he jumps on one immediately, I would recommend an RV to anybody!

Parking Lot Pimping – Abundant Life Resource Cemter – Springfield Missouri

Here are my daily lessons so far clipped out of my iPhone notes. (I am taking notes along the journey)

Day 1 – Taking Time For Friends

Day 2 – Taking Time For Friends

Day 3 – Taking Time For Friends

Day 4 – Self Help – Cranial Sacral – Anger Therapy – Met 50 Cent the Rapper

Day 5 – Me Day – Clean Teeth – decided to not do dispensary in Oklahoma – open to opportunity – viewed beautiful 28,000 3 bedroom house

Day 6 – Me Day – Sleep In, Handle Business – Chill At Rutledge Farm Park & Write –

Day 4: I met rapper Curtis James Jackson III AKA #50cent

I have been working on a huge business adventure for the past two years and I am telling you I would be good at it! I absolutely love to farm and I love to make money, so naturally growing Medical Marijuana just made sense right? Well to me it did, so I built a team, obtained a partner, figured out which direction we would go in the market and the next thing to do was to incorporate and pull the trigger.

You may ask what direction I would take, well that is easy, the organic direction! I was going to be the first in America to get my Organic Certification for Medical Marijuana and take the cannabis game to whole new level!!!! Boutique dispensary with A+ Grade Marijuana only! When you walk in we ask how you are doing and what mood you are in. You don’t tell us what you want, we tell you.

Trichomes Under The Microscope of Medical Marijuana I Personally Grew 100% Organically

This was going to be like my stripper money, I was going to get in and in 10 years get out and my family and I would be set for life. Sounds like a good plan right? Well, I felt a 95% a go, but as I am transitioning through this 30 day plan, I have started to think differently. Besides God, who do I want to impress the most I am just now starting to think to myself? That question is super easy my friends, the only other person I really truly want to impress is my most special princess, my beautiful bride, my queen, my wife. Guess what????? She wouldn’t give a crap if I invented the best strand of Indica or the most killer Sativa or the most mind blowing Hybrid. My wife wouldn’t be there with me at the Stoney Awards when I received grower of the year, there would be no celebration when we reach milestone after milestone. Who am I going to celebrate with, Snoop Dogg & Martha Stewart? Of course I would be, but not with my wife! My wife means so much more than Snoop Dogg or Martha Stewart, I want to celebrate with my wife.

Just Look At Those Hairs – True Living Organic Grow by Yours Truly

I would’ve been so good at growing, my team would’ve been extraordinary, I can smell it and taste it now. But God has huge massive plans in store for myself and my wife and my family, and now it is in His control. Just as I close that door and called the last person that I needed to tell and let down that we were not going to go forward with Oklahoma, a new door opened in my life the very next day. Guess what I got offered to do………..a TV Series helping people all over America!! Come on, that is literally a dream come true for me and my family. Will it come true, only time will tell, and why not play around with some fun opportunities in life? (I might not get the show now that I have revealed a little secret but truly I couldn’t care less, what a great feeling!!!!!)

My Daily Prayer

What I am saying is to not leave any doors left cracked open that you know are not meant for you. And to bust wide open the ones you know line up with your desires in life.

Foodie Rob’s (Robert Burzynski) Favorite Quote – “Preparedness and Awareness Creates Opportunity”

I am only on day six and I have had somebody reach out that is experiencing some of the same things that I am going through. I guess I am not alone, and there are others like me that need self help so badly. This week if there was one thing I would recommend to all of you, get a massage, take some of the money that you’ve worked so hard for and treat yourself to something. Take yourself out to a movie, go out to dinner, do something nice for yourself, you deserve it.

Speaking of Treats – This Week I Had “Missouri Mikes” Praline Cheesecake – So Good!!!!

PS Foodie Rob, thank you for falling directly out of Asgard, hammer in hand, ready to help chisel my life back into formation!!! You get me, you truly get me and you have seriously helpful advice. Thank you for bettering my life!!! Rob has been in my life, but now I am making him a part of my life. I think there is a difference. I challenge you all reading, to truly get to know one of your acquaintances and challenge yourself to make a new friendship this week!

Your friend,


Highlight Pics From Past 3 Days

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  1. Paulie
    You are truely one-of-kind my friend! I wish you the best in your grand adventures, and if I can ever be of assistance just let me know brother!


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