Adventure of a Fat Kid, II

The Naughty Tacos, that felt so right!

We are on day 9 of my new lifestyle and as a human does, we make excuses and let life get in the way. Not saying this is a bad thing, this is a real thing. All in all I have been doing good on my new lifestyle but I have slipped a couple of times. On cheat day, I went out with my children to Incredible Pizza. I was loving my refined and processed melted cheese on my tacos, and it felt good, at the time, lol! Ha, it is funny that I am a chef, and my cheat day was at a children’s pizza buffet, but that is the life of a dad trying to have fun with the kiddos while they are young.

Cheat Night!

I will admit for some reason I feel like I walk into a new realm when I go into Incredible Pizza and calories and fat grams don’t count. (and yes I am sure I am going to Hell for all the trans fats I am eating at this place, but for some reason I just don’t care. My children and I have so much fun, and that is more important over some standards of eating. I figure they won’t always be this age so I should enjoy it and just let loose and have a good time.

Yummy Cocktail at Cellar & Plate in Springfield Mo

I also have been eating some packaged foods at night like nuts, dried fruits, coconut clusters, and some other packaged items. What else bad have I done……….oh yeah! I went out with some chef friends during the week and totally threw the diet out the window and had meat, cheese, and all kinds of delicious rich foods and I didn’t care at all. As a father I was so excited to get out of the house and be with some good buddies and just have some downtime. Not saying I don’t love my family, just good to get away. I also had a cocktail and a glass of wine. Typically I don’t drink except on cheat day, but why not put the body in shock and awe! LOL!!!!

Thank you Flickr for the free image

So you know, don’t feel bad about having a cheat day on top of a cheat day every now and again. Do you know why??? Because you are human, and it is OK to have a good time. Take it while you can get it, just balance out the rest of your week. For me, I might not indulge quite so much on “Cheat Day” because of the things I consumed on Thursday night with the boys.

“Thursday Night With The Boys”
From right to left: Italian Aficionado Shawn Kraft, Chef of the Year Jyh Tan, Restaurateur/Chef Angel Kim, Your Truly Chef Pauly
High Heat Roasted Organic Broccoli

I feel that doing good 4-5 days that I wasn’t doing before, is progress. I have been preparing a lot of fresh meals that are very simple like “High Heat Roasted Broccoli”. Trim 1-3 heads of Organic Broccoli, toss in a large bowl Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sea Salt, & Bragg’s Nutritional Yeast. This healthy treat can be done with any vegetable out there. I love mixing that with some cleaned and trimmed Red Organic Beets.

Wild Caught Salmon is more red in color, not pink

I have also been eating a lot of Wild Caught Salmon for lunch, I think it is delicious! I personally stay away from Farm Raised Salmon and would just rather not eat if that is my only choice. For more info on Farm Raised vs. Wild Caught Salmon check this out from our friends at “Crown Prince” click HERE. I feel salmon is very digestible and good for the body. I like to blacken it, saute it in my Miyoko’s Plant Based Butter, and cook it medium.

I love my Miyoko’s!!!

Miyoko’s is made of Organic Coconut and Cashew and it tastes almost just like butter and has all the same cooking attributes as well. It is so creamy and burns like butter helping give amazing texture to steaks and seafood. You can use with your veggies or poultry. And I feel this a great help for the diets that don’t allow dairy and meat, you can use this butter alternative and get great results!

So I have been terrible about drinking water my entire life! Seriously, I would be lucky to drink 2 glasses of water a week. Being a sailor for over a decade I remember taking my vitamins with an IPA Beer or glass of champagne. I seriously never drank water, well unless you count the ice cubes that melted in my cocktails. It was what it was, you worked hard and played hard as a yacht chef and this particular yacht chef never drank water.

Yacht I worked on for 3 years in and out of St Barts and Ft Lauderdale

So now to the water part of my lifestyle, it is very important that you drink the proper amount of water even if it does funny stuff at first. Like for me, I am blowing up like a whale and my body is retaining the water that I am drinking because it thinks it is a trick and I am not going to drink water any more, lol. I am on almost 2 weeks of drinking 115 oz of water a day. I have noticed I do sleep better and when I would sit down to poop, and I would sit too long, I would get tingles in my knees and it was like my feet went to sleep. That is going away by drinking the water I feel. So you take your weight and divide it by two and that is what you should drink in water per day in ounces. So I am 230 pounds divided by 2 is 115 oz per day. If you are 200 pounds and divide by 2 your are 100 oz per day. Very simple, and very important. Your body is 60-70 percent water so do the math. So back to my water problem, but it isn’t going to stop me from drinking water. Eventually I am sure my body will start to circulate my water more rapidly as it gets used to me feeding it plenty of water every day. It just wont go out, and no matter how good I eat, I still feel this water inside me. I just have to have faith my body will know what to do.

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The way that I drink lots of water is I bought a cool Artic Insulated Mug that fits in a drink holder and drink from it. It is 20 oz and I try and drink from it 6 times. If you do once in the morning and once at night that is 2. Then drink one 15-20 min before or after a meal, that is a total of 5. Now just drink one or two more in between and you are 6-7 and doing good! The benefits of water are just remarkable and I strongly recommend that if you only do one thing to better your life, drink your recommended amount of water daily. You can do it!

Yacht Chef/Food Blogger Paul Allen

To here more follow me on this blog and I will keep you updated with how it is going in my life as an overweight chef trying to get a handle of life and still live at the same time!!!! Did I mention I have 3 daughters??? Life is real, for real!!!! lol 🙂

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